8 nov. 2013


Looking at my pictures I discovered something... strange on this one

(About animation: The movie is going well, I have more than 8 mn now.)

19 juil. 2013


Grand Atelier with Caroline Leaf few weeks ago, thank you Emmanuel for the pictures. Great moment spent over there. We all felt like strangely pixelsick after few days. Who knows why.

Sculpture - Expo

"L'atlante" exposed few weeks ago with the other one "Autorportrait mort" Only pocture I have.

8 avr. 2013

Gliese 581 c

Gliese 581 c from CAB on Vimeo.

20,5 light years distance. Finally, after all these days of efforts I have been able to fix my satellite objective on Gliese 581 c during few seconds. I hope more news soon. More news about Gliese here: nasa.gov/topics/universe/features/gliese_581_feature.html

20 mars 2013

13 mars 2013

Dag Berg après le marché aux puces du dôme.

Dessin à la souris. Eh oui quand on a pas de tablette sous la main... Texte d'intro de Dag Berg J-15. Computer mouse drawing.

24 janv. 2013

La Chair de ma Chère ©

Fragment du story du film que je réalise en ce moment à jsbc.
Je ne peux poster grand chose à ce sujet mais ça viendra.

22 janv. 2013