Reel 2016

Calvin Antoine Blandin Reel 2016 from CAB on Vimeo.

Dedicated website for "Mimma"/"La Chair de ma Chère"

 Normandie "Maison de l'Image" made a Website for my movie "La Chair de ma Chère".
It's full of informations, storyboards, analyses, virtual reality etc... about the film.
Link here



GRand Prix for La Chair de ma Chère

Intl. animation festival ANIMANIMA 2015 in Cacak, Serbia

Special mention at Zagreb

Mimma“ got the Special Mention by Jayne Pilling at the 25th edition of the World Festival of Animated Film - Animafest Zagreb!


TOKYO - "Mimma" in Japan

"La Chair de ma Chère" (Mimma) in Tokyo festival from 18 to 23 march.
I'll be on the spot to show the movie. Sayônara!



POUR UN COURT METRAGE PROFESSIONNEL au Festival National du film d'animation à Bruz (France)

La Chair de ma Chère à Clermont Ferrand!

"La Chair de ma chère" est retenu pour la compétition nationale du 37ème Festival du Court Métrage
de Clermont-Ferrand qui se déroulera du 30 janvier au 7 février 2015!


Jury special award for La Chair de ma Chère

Jury Special Award at the European Animated Film Festival BALKANIMA 2014 for La Chair de ma Chère!


La Chair de ma Chère (Mimma) trailer

-GRAND PRIX Intl. animation festival ANIMANIMA 2015
-GRAND PRIX pour un court métrage professionnel à BRUZ - 2014 - 
-Jury Special Award at the European Animated Film Festival BALKANIMA - 2014-
-Special Mention by Jayne Pilling at – Animafest Zagreb 2015

Official Selections:
 -X Festival Alto Vicentino, Santorso (Italie)
 -Festival du Court Métrage de Clermont-Ferrand - compétition nationale - (France)
 - MONSTRA 2015 - (Lisbon)
- Anima, le festival du film d'animation de Bruxelles (Belgium) 
- Mecal, le Festival du court métrage de Barcelone (Espagne) 
Festival International du Film d'Aubagne (France) 
- Istanbul Animation Festival (Turquie)
- Animac, la "Mostra Internacional de Cinema d'Animació de Catalunya"(Espagne)
- Go Short International Short Film Festival Nijmegen (Pays-Bas) 
- Festival International de Cinéma d’Animation de Meknès (Maroc)
- Tokyo Anime Award Festival (TAAF) 2015 (Japan)
- Festival du film d'animation d'Athènes Animfest (Greece)
- Festival de cinéma d’animation de Pontarlier (France) 
- Festival d'un jour, Valence (France)
- World Festival of Animated Film – Animafest Zagreb 2015 (Croatia) Special Mention by Jayne Pilling
- Futur Film Festival, à Bologne (Italia)
- Animania, le festival de films d'animation de Čačak (Serbie)
- 4ème édition du festival Tournez-Court (France)
- SIGGRAPH Asia 2015 (Japon) 
- Un festival c'est trop court ! (France)  
- Animasivo, Mexico City (Mexique)
- Imaginaria, Binéfar, Huesca (Espagne)

- Seoul Best of the best, SICAF (Korea)
- Kinoproba - Ekaterinburg (Russia) 
- Mumia - Belo Horizonte (Brézil) 
GLAS Animation,  Berkeley, (California)
-International animation festival of Annecy (France)
- en competition pour le Prix Emile-Reynaud (France) 
- Ottawa International animation Festival! (Canada)
-Festival du Premier Court-Métrage (France)
-Cartoon club (Italy)
-Supertoon Intenational animation festival (Croatia)
-Animatou (Geneva)
-Wiesbaden (Deutschland)
-Seoul International animation festival SICAF (Corea)
-Animation Block Party_New york (USA)
-BANJALUKA (Bosnie Herzegovine)
-ANIMEST international animation film festival (Roumanie)
-7ème édition du Festival de Film d'Animation de Paris (France)
- IX International Festival of Contemporary Animation and Media- Art LINOLEUM (Kiev)
-European Animated Film Festival BALKANIMA 2014 (Serbie)
-International digital film festival - Kinofest - (Bucarest)
-Primanima World Festival of First Animations (Hongrie)
-Festival national du film d'animation de Bruz (France)
-Sommets du cinéma d'animation de Montréal (Québec/Montréal)
-Animated Dreams 2014 (Estonie)
- International Young Audience Film Festival Ale Kino!, Poznań (Pologne)

 Hors competition:
- International Young Audience Film Festival Ale Kino (Poland)
 - Festival du Film Court Francophone de Vaulx-en-Velin (France)



Few pictures of new stone sculptures,
about animation, Annecy festival was a great moment for "La Chair de ma Chère"
you will be able to see it in Brooklyn and Sicaf soon



Looking at my pictures I discovered something... strange on this one

(About animation: The movie is going well, I have more than 8 mn now.)


Grand Atelier with Caroline Leaf few weeks ago, thank you Emmanuel for the pictures. Great moment spent over there. We all felt like strangely pixelsick after few days. Who knows why.

Sculpture - Expo

"L'atlante" exposed few weeks ago with the other one "Autorportrait mort" Only pocture I have.


Gliese 581 c

Gliese 581 c from CAB on Vimeo.

20,5 light years distance. Finally, after all these days of efforts I have been able to fix my satellite objective on Gliese 581 c during few seconds. I hope more news soon. More news about Gliese here: nasa.gov/topics/universe/features/gliese_581_feature.html


Sculpture sur pierre - "Autoportrait mort" Stone

Se salir un peu les mains, quel pied.

Dag Berg après le marché aux puces du dôme.

Dessin à la souris. Eh oui quand on a pas de tablette sous la main... Texte d'intro de Dag Berg J-15. Computer mouse drawing.